Tuyển dụng kỹ sư phần mềm tại công ty TNHH Phát Triển Add-On



  • Responsibilities:
    • Take part in the development and maintenance of projects of the company
    • Cooperate with other colleagues to complete the tasks
    • Support customers when needed
    • Take part in company activities
  • Skill & Requirement:
    • Net Framework, ASP.NET Web forms/MVC, SQL
    • Good background knowledge about software engineering including software development processes, design, object oriented programming, database, etc.
    • Ability to critically and creatively think to solve problems
    • Open-minded, eager to learn and share knowledge.
    • Good English skill (preferable)
  • Benefits:
    • By joining our company, you will have a chance to experience an active, challenging and friendly working environment.
    • If you possess good professional knowledge, English and working attitudes, do not hesitate to send us your CV as soon as possible.
    • Being a chosen staff at AOD, you will be coached by our senior staff, software Architects, team Leads, and experienced colleagues.
    • You can practice your English with our Western customers.
  • Package: starting from $350-500/month
  • Contact person: Ms. Linh via email ltl@aod.vn or mobile number 0906 220 326
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